What is Pheno?

PHENO is an abbreviation for “PHENOTYPE,” the observable physical characteristics of an organism.

Pheno is a resource that encourages members to express their individuality, and to challenge prejudice, bigotry, and stereotypes.

We recognize that fear and hate often result from our tendency to categorize, label, and assess others based on quick observations, rather than a true understanding of someone’s background and circumstances.

Pheno aims to inspire its members to reject this pattern through the exchange of opinions, ideas, and experiences. With mutual respect, sensitivity, and an appreciation for diversity, we are certain that we will succeed.

Pheno is different from conventional social networks. We focus on dialogue. Our discussion forums offer visitors a real opportunity to enrich their appreciation of different traditions, cultures, and belief systems. Of course, Pheno members can also connect with people from around the world through our interactive network.

The Pheno community grows each time you participate in a discussion forum or tell a friend about Pheno. We truly believe that each unique story and perspective shared on Pheno helps cultivate a more understanding world.

Come out of your shell. Do not allow others to define who you are.